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The prodigal son returns @archian211
#aquicasual en la granja urbana #urbanfarming #rdam
tumblr: the only place you get excited when a stranger follows you


Office Building | Vincent Van Duysen | Alberto Piovano | Via

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Phoenix House Sebastian Mariscal Studio

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Power Station (1961-65) in Wedel, Germany, by Bernhard Hermkes

I meet a gorgeous guy, we spend an incredibly fun night at the student bar I’m supposed to hate, he kisses me… “I want to be completely honest, I have a girlfriend…” ….. Of course he does, because my life is always fair to me,…

"Hola, soy Laura y vengo de Colombia" JAJAJAAJJAJAJAJA!!
Baby it’s lonely in the modern world. #nevver

At the beach with my girls, after officially finishing our Q2. #scheveningen #studentlife


video still #1

"The bathroom paper towel machine motion sensor failing to react to me does nothing for my self esteem."

- Jake Vig (via nevver)

(via nevver)