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Two house by Ney Lima

1 • Taquari House • Brasília • Brazil 
(Via archdaily brasil)
2 • Cobogó house  • Brasília • Brazil 

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BREAKBOT - Boiler Room session

Red Bull Studios / Paris


Arno Arno

Beach house by Mathias Klotz in Tongoy, Chile.
Photographs by Roland Halbe.
I’ve been really getting into houses lately. Whatevs.

Book review. Make_Shift City. Renegotiating the urban commons

Francesca Ferguson has compiled a great collection of stories, essays and interviews in this new book, Make_Shift City, which represents the latest addition to a growing literature on the new conditions of urban development. This implies a mix of uncertainty, austerity, insecurity and temporality as the landscape for re-imagining the city. These conditions are present, to greater or lesser extent, in Western cities as newcomers after the financial crisis and its subsequent impact on urban development. As institutions try to understand how to face these new conditions, a wide experience of practices and appropriation projects, developed sometimes as outsiders in the previous economic stage, appear as an adequate response to give social value to neglected plots and facilities.


it’s not you’re* or your*. it’s all Mine. everything is Mine

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Can’t stop won’t stop. 

International Relations University Library Model
Peter Eisenman